economy water garden kits

  • Economy Pond Kits

Our economy priced water garden kits are a great value, sized to be UPS shippable to save you even more. Free Shipping!

professional water garden kits

  • Professional Pond Kits

Contractor Grade Components. Build your backyard pon with the same quality product the pro's use. Free Shipping!

koi pond kits

  • Koi Pond Kits

Want to focus your pond around your Kio. Our Koi kits feature bead filters, external pumps and UV clarifiers. Free Shipping!


Pondless Waterfall Kits

Want the sound of a water fall without the liability or the maintenance that you would have with a water garden.

The "pond" is still there, but is hidden under rock in the under ground vault. Order a kit with reservoir cubes to simplify construction and cut way down on the amount of rock that you will need.

Simple construction - dig the hole - install the liner and then place the vault in the hole and then cover with your choice of stone.

Our Kits Include

Our water garden kits include everything you need to build professional looking water features including the industry's best skimmers and filters. Pond builders across the country have discovered buying their ponds in a kit form is much easier than trying to piece together each job.

When you buy a complete kit you know that everything that you need will be on-site and that all items will work together to give you a great looking pond.


  • 45 mil rubber liner
  • Liner Underlayment
  • Skimmer
  • Aqua Falls Filter
  • High Efficiency Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • Waterfall Installation Kit
  • Flexible PVC Pipe
  • Underwater Light Kit with Transformer
  • Beneficial Bacteria